Antigua Again

From Guadeloupe we hopped north to Antigua to be there for the Antigua Classic Regatta and enjoy a tot or two with with the Royal Tot Club Members. Mike sponsored a couple of English, Ocean Cruising Club friends as members. As sponsor, we were there with them for seven tots over a two week period including the night they were tested on English naval history. Mike served the traditional role of plying the tester with drink during the test. Both Dan of SV Eschaton and Tony of SV Longbow passed the exam with flying colors and made a brilliant speech at their mismuster, a special tot where they were introduced as new members, that had the gathered totters rolling in the aisles.

Tony, Dan and Mike with Tot Club founder Mike Rose

The Antigua Classic Regatta is well … a classic. Started back in the 80s it is open to traditionally rigged, full keel boats and is a magnet for magnificent yachts and the sailors who love them. In 2018 the entries ranged from the 140 foot schooner Columbia to a fleet of hand built Carricou Sloops. Robin had signed up as media and spent several days taking pictures of boat porn from the photo boat. Mike as a volunteer dingy wrangler and was in the harbor assisting the boats into and out of their berths. Our great friend Jessamine was aboard Mermaid for the Classic this year. On the final day of the regatta Robin serve as photographer and Jessamine her faithful assistant aboard Ashanti IV, a beautiful 115 foot German built schooner and the overall winner of the regatta.

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