We returned to Antigua and settled in. Antigua is one of our favorite islands and we enjoyed seeing many old friends there as well as making many new ones. Many an evening were spent in English Harbour toasting the queen with the Royal Naval Tot Club of Antigua and Barbuda where chairman Mike Rose rules the roost. Another favorite haunt was the Lime in Falmouth Harbour where Mike often joined in on the jam sessions with owner and great musician Garrick.

Living aboard Mermaid is fantastic but sometimes a little land time is nice. We happened upon a six week dog/cat/house in a gorgeous home with a sweeping view of Falmouth Harbour. It was odd to be back on land in a home but we thoroughly enjoyed having pets again. The dogs were incredibly loving and friendly and the cats though shy at first became good friends as well. Mike spent days working on sanding and painting some inside parts on Mermaid and Robin loved on the animals and enjoyed cooking in a real kitchen.

It was regatta season in Antigua and we had a blast at the Antigua Classic Regatta, Antigua Sailing week and the Royal Ocean Racing Club Caribbean 600. If you love old, classic boats there’s no better setting than the Antigua Classics Regatta. Robin was a photographer and went out on a Carriacou Sloop, a traditional Caribbean boat made on the beach in Windward on Carriacou, Colombia, a beautiful classic schooner and Ocean Star crewed by a great group of college students spending a semester at sea. Mike, spent the week as a volunteer editing the thousands and thousands of photos Robin had taken.

Our son, Alan with Rachel and her family visited for a week so we toured the island, ate, drank and had a great time. Mike even hosted Alan and Rachel at a tot.

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