Almost but Not Quite

Our generator arrived Puerto Vallarta Tuesday morning but wasn’t scheduled to be delivered to us until Thursday afternoon… Well, that just wouldn’t work so we called the expediter and had him arrange for Lalo (our mechanic) to pick it up. Lalo picked up the generator, took it to his shop, ordered a couple of pieces to be made and left town… It seems that something always delays us. His workers came to the boat on Friday, put the pieces of the generator (it had to be taken apart to get it in the boat) in and put it together. They left and said that Lalo would be here the next morning to finish the job. Guess what? You guessed it, we haven’t seen or heard from our mechanic. In Mexico manana does not mean tomorrow, but just not today…
We had a visit from Bill and Jean of the El Salvador Rally which was an unexpected surprise. They brought us a burgee for the rally and the guide. This was a highlight in our day and we perused the guide book during lunch looking forward to all the new adventures ahead of us… as soon as the generator is in and working that is.
This really isn’t a bad place to be stuck. Our family and friends are sending tales of snow and ice while we enjoy sunsets in the warmth of the cockpit. The nights cooled down enough to sleep without air conditioning which make for quite pleasant sleeping.
We have enjoyed the music scene in La Cruz. On my birthday we went to Philo’s to hear a band called Luna Rumba and loved them! It is amazing the amount of talent in this little town. I have also gotten to go the farmer’s market which held on Sundays in La Cruz. They have the most amazing arugula! We’ve been eating lots of salads.
We have also been getting a lot of “jobs” done aboard during our stuckness. We are re-caulking the aft cockpit which is a very messy job. I spent 7 hours on busses, taxis and walking to find the caulk in stock. We finished about 2/3rds of the cockpit and ran out of caulk. Back on busses tomorrow?
Mike and I walked down the beach to a palapa restaurant to relax and enjoy the day. We always enjoy watching the Mexican families playing on the beach. There always only happy sounds.

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