We are enjoying Alaska! We have a great apartment in downtown just a block from Stacy’s office and around the corner from Frank’s. The apartment is owned by cruisers we met 10 years ago doing the haha from San Diego to Cabo. We sailed with them all through Mexico, the South Pacific and Hawaii. What a small world… Monica is now our granddaughter’s pediatrician! We said goodbye in Hawaii assuming that we would not see each other again. Alan, Monica and their four kids sailed aboard a beautiful boat, Evolution. The returned to Juneau to pick up their jobs and lives where they left off. It is fun to catch up with them again and oh, how those kids have grown!
Our friends Lisa and Victor got off a cruise the day we landed so we had dinner and caught up. We didn’t quite get enough time together so we had breakfast the next morning before their flight to LA.
We have been keeping Autumn most days while Stacy and Frank work. They come to the apartment for lunch and to play with Autumn before heading back to work. After work, we have been mostly eating out. It has been cold and raining since we got here but the sun is out today and we are going to walk and explore Juneau. We went out to the glacier and saw bears at the river catching salmon. We have seen lots of eagles too.
Yesterday Monica and I went up the mountain to pick blueberries – in the rain. We were too early (about a month) and the berries were barely flowers… oh well, we had fun and will go back again in a month or so. Afterwards we went with Stacy and Autumn to the State Museum for a bit of history. Then dinner of Chinese take out.

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