Alaska, Los Angeles, La Paz

It was sad to leave Stacy, Frank, Autumn and the dogs. I enjoyed spending time with them. My flight from Juneau was delayed due to high winds but I actually made my connection in Seattle (because the equipment I was on was the connection) but somehow my luggage did not make the connection… Kathy picked me up at LAX and we had a fun few days. I got to visit with many of our friends and enjoyed catching up with them. I visited West Marine and fired the money cannon again…
Kathy delivered me and my luggage (lots of luggage – even a kayak) to LAX where I was quite surprised that it didn’t cost an arm and leg to get it all aboard the flight. I learned that if you ask to have a fragile sticker on the packages then they are the first off the plane! I had a nice ride on EcoBajaTours back to La Paz where Mike was waiting for me. We had so much baggage that we had to tie some of it on top of the cab.
What a site Mermaid was to me! Her varnish has come along nicely, the boat had been scrubbed and in the process of being detailed… I think she smiled at me!
Back in La Paz it’s time to get ready to leave. We provisioned and are prepping Mermaid for a crossing. We plan on leaving Friday afternoon for fuel and then to head to a nearby anchorage to make water and take a nap before heading across the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan and Carnival!

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