It’s hard to find two places more different than Panama and Alaska so it was in interesting place to visit for a couple of tropical cruisers. It was cloudy and cool and we never quite adjusted to the temperature but it was nice to get to hang with the kids, grand kids and grand dogs. Kaash was just learning to crawl and it was special to watch him begin to explore his world. Our oldest grandchild, Autumn was celebrating her third birthday and Stacy had everything ready for a Minnie Mouse birthday party. The house full of toddlers were a little intimidating for Autumn at first but she quickly warmed up and had a great time playing pin the bow on Minnie, eating cupcakes and grabbing loot from the piñata.
We went camping (ok it was more like glamping) one night at a small cabin on the banks of the Eagle River. The river runs down from the Eagle glacier just a couple of miles upstream and dumped into the ocean around a quarter of a mile downstream. The place was appropriately named. It was the end of the salmon run and there were lots of eagles, as well as other birds, feasting on the salmon carcasses. The night we were there was clear and cool but we missed the northern lights by a couple of hours when we turned in around midnight. On a nice hike the next morning we found several very large bear prints in the sand but luckily, no bears. We packed up the next day carrying a load of delicious smoked salmon and headed south back to warmer climates but won’t forget Alaska’s natural beauty, the flavorful bounty of her waters and the family that loves life there.

Stacy & Autumn Selfie Great Dinner Eagles Were Everywhere! I'm 3 Autumn on the Beach Dominoes Smores Our Cabin Art Project With Leaves Frank & Kaash Camping Grandaddy & Autumn Kinder, Gentler Pinata Pin the Bow on Minnie Watch Out World Tutu & Swords Autumn's Birthday Party


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