A Beautiful Weekend!

We woke to a beautiful day on Saturday and decided to go blueberry picking. On the drive to Eagle Crest on Douglas Island, we had a big bear walk across the road right in front of us and realized that we left our bear mace at the apartment… Oh well, we will have to make lots of noise. We found a good spot on the road to Eagle Crest and started picking berries. Soon Stacy, Frank and Autumn joined us. We filled a gallon bag and decided to head to the Island Pub for some lunch.
After lunch we headed up a hiking trail that lead from Sandy Beach to where an old mine caved in and enjoyed the sites. Mike has been taking some good photos of birds!
Later, we went to watch Angelo (Stacy’s brother-in-law) coach his high school JV football game with Carmen and John. Then it was off to a pizza dinner before heading home pooped.
Sunday Stacy, Frank, Autumn, Mike and I went for a walk downtown then took the tram to the top of Mount Roberts. The sites were amazing! Stacy realized she left Autumn’s bottle on the roof of the car so we stopped in the dining room and ordered her some food. We hiked up the trail and saw a whistle pig on the way up. The waterfalls, snow capped mountains and harbor were beautiful from this high up. We had to leave to head back down the mountain and join John, Carmen and the rest of the family for dinner. We ate a lovely meal with all the Katasses and played some games in the backyard before heading home to get some sleep. What a great weekend!

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