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Aug 31

Life in the San Blas…

Anchored out in the San Blas Islands of Panama is a mix of spectacular snorkeling, good friends, potlucks on the beaches, beautiful islands, seas and sunsets. We have really enjoyed our time in the San Blas Islands! And, we got to share a taste of living the dream. Our friend Jessamine came for a week …

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Feb 08

Island Life

After being at anchor since early December we’ve settled into island life. The days seem to melt together punctuated by boat chores, snorkeling trips, dingy adventures, pot lucks and the occasional trip to town. We’ve moved from one idyllic anchorage to another whenever the whim struck us. Here’s a typical day: Robin is the early …

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Jan 05

San Blas At Last

It took us more time than we had hoped to get to the San Blas Islands but it was worth the wait. The San Blas are a group of islands located on the Caribbean coast of Panama adjacent to the Columbian border. The islands are scattered in an archipelago near the coast with several main …

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Dec 31


We departed Bocas Marina on Friday, November 20th. We know what you are thinking… they left on a FRIDAY!? Yep, we did. The weather window was good for our course to the San Blas Islands, Mermaid was provisioned and ready and we wanted to get out before something else made us stay… again. Robin was …

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Nov 20

Zarpe in Hand!

After a long year of dealing with health issues (our own as well as family). We are finally heading out of Bocas. We visited family, returned and have gotten Mermaid provisioned and ready for sea. Our intention is to head out tomorrow after breakfast, overnight at sea and arrive Linton on Saturday. We will rest …

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Aug 17

Once in a Blue Moon

Our friend Jessamine Lewis came down for a getaway on Mermaid and she didn’t want to miss the opportunity for the blue moon over Bocas. We celebrated the blue moon at the Calypso cantina where Mike joined in with the band for a couple of songs on the harmonica. The next morning Mermaid headed out …

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Aug 12

Hanging in Bocas Town

Bocas is at the end of the road and it draws an eclectic group of ex pats. It’s a great place to just kick back, hang out and watch the world go by. We’ve spent our days doing boat projects, trying to stay out of the rain and keep the flies out of the ointment. …

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Jul 13


This was the first time we had ever left Mermaid for such a long period and she seemed quite unhappy about being alone. There were so many boat projects to get done! We worked outside the boat one the rare days with no rain and completed inside projects on the days of rain. It finally …

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Jul 13

Back to Bogota!

We returned to Bogota for Robin’s surgeon to do two (one wasn’t enough?) oral surgeries to complete the process that was begun back in October with her big surgery. We spent eight nights in a top floor terrace suite of a hotel. The terrace was huge and overlooked the park, but it had no furniture …

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Jun 22

When it Rains it Pours!

One thing we learned during the biblical rains in Bocas was where the leaks were. When the skies cleared we spent many hours reseating windows and deck hardware and we’re keeping our fingers crossed but so far so good. We also have the fridge working great thanks to some long distance help from Rich at …

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